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Questions to Ask Before Hiring San Diego SEO Agency

Online is the main source for finding new customers and acquiring business leads. As people start their market research using Google / Bing on their smartphones, search engine marketing and online ads has become truly critical. When it comes to getting new customers online, there are two broad categories of marketing: free organic traffic trough SEO, and paid ads on various websites. The organic SEO traffic is a highly sustainable source of business as it's 100% free. Customers already looking for a product or service are easier to convert. Compare it with general display ads. When you show you ads to a large audience, only a small percentage of them are going to be interested. You are spending thousands of dollars to show your ads to people who don't need your product. It can be truly huge cost. SEO marketing is indispensable. As a smart businessperson, you need to invest in search marketing and higher rankings for your company website. Due to the massive popularity of the we

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